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Hello world, here is a little something about me…here is my Bio:


Joe is a 6 year radio veteran. He recently was
the Program Director for KQCM in 29 Palms Ca. He
co-hosted “The Big Sexy Sports Spectacular” or “B
Triple S” on Team 1010 KXPS in Palm Springs before
taking the position at KQ92.

Joe has overcome many
difficult obstacles in his life to become a
semi-successful broadcaster.

Born in Milwaukee Wisconsin to a single mother,
he was raised by his grandparents, Joe and Carol Arrigo and his mom, Cathy.

They moved to Upland Ca. in 1981 where Joe grew up
and enjoyed a life filled with love, happiness, music,
culture and sports, but Joe’s true passion is the Packers.

Joe’s mom, Cathy was always active and involved in his life. She was at every game and made it a point to take Joe to fun parks, sporting events and the beach, which became another passion of theirs. She remains his biggest fan and continues to support her oldest son. Their relationship has a different dynamic, “it’s the best of both worlds, she is my mom and my big sister, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Joe’s love for the Packers started in 1980 in
Milwaukee, while watching a Packers Bears game with
his uncle, he was immediately entranced with football
and that began his infatuation, well, ok, OBSESSION
with the Packers. Joe spent hours watching football
(when not playing) and analized everything. It
became almost comical how Joe could and would hold a
conversation with ANY GROWN PERSON and throw out stat
after stat, example after example and prove them
wrong, AT THE AGE OF 8!

Joe really started to focus on the NFL draft in 1988,
on his 11th birthday (April 18th), when he correctly
picked the Packers selection (7th overall) of then
South Carolina WR Sterling Sharpe after watching a
variety of highlight films. The following year (1989)
he correctly picked the first 15 players IN ORDER. At
12years old! During that time, the NFL draft was held
on Sundays, and Joe would “get sick” and miss school
Monday so he could continue to dissect and chart the

Joe, would spend long hours breaking down and watching film on
various players in hopes the Packers would draft them,
but he quickly figured out that would be more
challenging to try and breakdown each teams needs. The
running joke amongst Joe’s friends (started by Joe Pacheco) is that ”Joe is ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper Jr.’s evil step-nephew”. Joe,
who has been known to call Kiper “Uncle Mel”, credits
Kiper for being one of the first people that he looked
up to, along with Gil Brandt.

Now married with 3 children, Joe continues to break
down film, chart players and dissect the NFL draft as well as follow his passion (sports).

Joe attended Clark Atlanta University (Atlanta, Ga.)
as well as Chaffey College (Rancho Cucamonga, Ca)
where played baseball (LHP, CF) and football
(WR/KR/PR) while double majoring in Mass Media and
Sports Studies.

Joe has also appeared on various
sports stations nationwide, but is frequently heard on
ESPN 1430 in Fresno Ca. as a guest draft analyst, as
well as Southern California Correspondent.
Joe’s love for sports is only exceeded by his love for family and friends.

He would like to also say that he thanks the lord
everyday that he has been blessed with his
grandparents, Joe and Carol Arrigo (who are the 2 biggest influences in his
life) and his wife, kids, family and friends. He feels that without any
of them, no matter what success he has, it would be
meaningless and empty without them.


Written by Joe Arrigo

June 17, 2009 at 04:16

Posted in Life

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  1. Hey Joe miss ya here in Yucca, Ryan was asking about you the other day. He has been pitching batting practice for the Palm Springs Power this summer. Make some comments about coaching baseball at the high school level. Take care and hope the arm is getting better Mike

    Mike Rogers

    July 2, 2009 at 03:57

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