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Welcome to Joe’s Lockerroom where I, Joe Arrigo, will be giving my thoughts, opinions and suggestions on the world of sports, music, movies, TV and of course my passion, the Green Bay Packers.
Some of you may know me from my Packers rumors (the O.T.S.) others may know me from my radio show. But I am more than a Packers fan; I am a sports nut with an opinion about all sports, their stars, coaches, owners and fans. I call them like I see them. Whether I’m right, wrong or just off my rocker, I will say what’s in my heart at that particular time.
I would like to take this time to thank a few people who have been major influences in my life and I have to start with the two biggest, my grandparents, Joe and Carol Arrigo. My grandfather passed away on November 4th of 2008 and his loss has created a huge void that will never be replaced. My grandmother Carol, an amazing woman that has showed me what a good woman should be, and as far as I am concerned, she is my mother.
Speaking of whom, I would like to recognize my mother, Cathy and my step-father Jack Marte, both of whom taught me that nothing will come easy and I have to work hard for anything that I want. My mom and I have a special relationship that has had its up’s and down’s, but always has had love. I would also like to thank my sister and brother (Haley and Frazier) whom I love.
Love is a funny word. I never thought that I would love anything more then the Packers, or my grandparents, but then I met my wife, Teon and that thought turned out to be a lie. She is my partner who will always be truthful and honest with me, even when it hurts the most. She is my best friend and confidant. Teon is also the mother of my three kids who I have been blessed with and bring me so much joy. I love you all.
My in-laws have also had a huge impact on my life. Howard and Connie are everything a mother and father-in-law should be (in a positive way). They have both (in their own way) been people that have pushed me to be a better person, day in and day out. I also would like to thank both my brothers-in-law, DeShon Love (along with Christina, DeShon and Isaiah), Stephon Seales (and Aleena).
My friends have also had a huge impact in my life. Most of us have “gone to war” together in one way or the other. I love you all for that. I would like to thank a few of them now, Damon “Focus” Dorsey, Jaquwan Brackenridge, Kory Malone, Jose Rivera, Jeff Ehlers, T.Q., Emmitt “DJ N’Visableman” Smith Scott Ehlers, Alex Medrano, Sonny Ramirez,  Tim “Impulse” Scott, Muji “Driem Knight” Muhammad, Reggie Fuqua, “Uncle” Salaam Smith, R.J. Johnson, C.J. Brown, Brandon Peyton, Ian Jerde, Mark Pitts, Damien Savoy, Ishan “Accent” Shinault, Tyron “Bossy” Brackenridge, Ryan Moulton and Trinidad Gutierrez (Jr. and Sr.).
I also can’t forget the following family members, Phil, Vee and Mike Arrigo (I love you all. You have no idea how much you all mean to me). I would also like to thank Chris and Danny Edmunston (and family), Candis and Nathan, Carrie and Mark Cherry (and Family), Meema Tisby, Bonnie Purnell (and family), Judy and Pete Blanton (along with Monique, Monica and of course Evelyn), John “Uncle Brother” and Theresa Tisby (and family) and Scott Tisby (and family). You all have inspired me in one way or the other.
I would also like to personally thank Joe Pacheco for all his help and friendship. It was his idea for me to start blogging here. He also has a site here, (please go check it out). He is not only is one of the sharpest sports minds I know or a man that I have done radio shows with, partied with or debated with, but a man with a huge heart and an even better friend. If I had to choose a person I know that best describes the TRUE meaning of what a friend should be and how to act, it would be Joe. Thank you Checo, for everything.
Finally I would like to thank the following sites for there support of the O.T.S. and my postings… (and all the staff over there, especially LMG, Scott “BIG Legend” Hanadel, Mark Lawrence, Bruce, Wally and of course Patty), (the Packers forum and the mods there), PackersLounge (and everyone over there), Packers Palace (and everyone over there) and everyone who has read any of my posts.
If you don’t see your name, please forgive me. There have been so many people that have touched my life and not enough time to put all your names down. Here is a “blind” thank you.
Enjoy and thank you again, and God bless.

Written by Joe Arrigo

June 17, 2009 at 05:11

Posted in Locker Room Talk

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