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My 2009 NBA Mock Draft

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Today is the day some dreams are realized. Today expectations for not only teams, but players will go through the roof and labels will be added to players names for the rest of their lives. It is draft day for the NBA. I am a huge draft fan, MLB, NBA and of course the NFL, so I am excited. I love the feeling of “new hope” for teams that have not had a good season (or 30 seasons if you are the Clippers) and the feeling of honor and rejoicing for the successful team, the NBA champions (the Lakers this year).

On November 17th of 2008 I was flying back from Wisconsin and sat next to a Bucks beat writer, Charles F. Gardner. We got to talking about sports and we got on college basketball. I had seen a story on UCLA incoming freshman Jrue Holiday. As Charles and I talked I told Charles that Holiday would be a very good pick for the Bucks (if he came out) since he is a “combo guard” that plays really good defense and will only get better as a basketball player. I also said that the piece I seen described him as a “Dewayne Wade clone”. Charles said he would keep an eye on him and as we both got off the plane we wished each other the best of luck and went our separate ways.

Now here is my NBA Mock Draft. I know there will be trades and sales (like the Lakers selliong the 29th selection of the 1st round to the Knicks for $3 million) but I will try to do my best in nailing the top 10 and the rest of round 1. Enjoy NBA fans!

Round 1

1. Clippers: Blake Griffin- PF- Oklahoma

2. Grizzlies: Hasheem Thabeet- C- UConn

3. Thunder: Ricky Rubio- PG- Spain

4. Kings: Tyreke Evens- G- Memphis

5. T-Wolves: James Harden- SG- ASU

6. T-Wolves: Johnnie Flynn- PG- Syracuse

7. Warriors: Jordan Hill- PF- Arizona

8. Knicks: Stephen Curry- G- Davidson

9. Raptors: DeMar DeRozan- SG- USC

10. Bucks: Jrue Holiday- G- UCLA

11. Nets: Gerarld Henderson- SG- Duke

12. Bobcats: Terrence Willimas- SG- Louisville

13. Pacers: Ty Lawson- PG- UNC

14. Suns: James Johnson- F- Wake Forest

15. Pistons: B.J. Mullens- C- Ohio St.

16. Bulls: Austin Daye- SF- Gonzaga

17. 76ers: Brandon Jennings- PG- Roma (ITL)

18. T-Wolves: Omari Casspi- SF- Israel

19. Hawks: Tyler Hansbrough- PF- UNC

20. Jazz: DeJuan Blair- PF- Pitt

21. Hornets: Earl Clark- F- Louisville

22. Trail Blazers: Eric Maynor- PG- VCU

23. Kings: Jeff Teaggue- PG- Wake Forest

24. Mavericks: Sam Young- SF- Pitt

25. Thunder: Rodrigue Beaubois- PG- France

26. Bulls: Wayne Ellington- SG- UNC

27. Grizzlies: Josh Heytvelt- PF- Gonzaga

28. T-Wolves: Nick Calathes- PG- Florida

29. Knicks: Chase Budinger- SG- Arizona

30. Cavs: Dominique Archie- SF- S. Carolina

I spoke to Charles yesterday and we spoke for a short while since he was busy with the draft and the Bucks trade of Richard Jefferson. He said he recalled the conversation we had about Holiday and thought that IF Holiday made it to pick #10, he would be the pick for the Bucks. Time will tell who will be the best player picked, the biggest bust and the biggest steal. But one thing is for sure, today a future NBA champion team will be built and 30 players just got a lot richer.


Written by Joe Arrigo

June 25, 2009 at 19:51

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