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Packers Could Be Active At NFL Trade Deadline

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Well, on Tuesday October 20th, it will be the NFL trade deadline. Unlike the NBA and Major League Baseball it is less likely to have a blockbuster deal on deadline day. But this year it seems that there are a lot more whispers about possible deals that could go down. One team whose name keeps coming up is the Green Bay Packers.

Ted Thompson will never be confused with “Trader (insert name here)”, but it is not because of lack of effort. Last year he nearly obtained former Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez, but then Chiefs G.M. Carl Peterson tried to strong arm a second round pick for Gonzalez, instead of the agreed upon third rounder with under 10 minutes to go. Thompson backed out of the deal.

This year much has been said about the Packers poor offensive line, lack of running game and strong safety issues, so I placed a few calls to see what was being talked about or in G.M. speak, “doing their due diligence” .

Here is what I heard thus far:

Steven Jackson to the Packers for Ryan Grant, a 2nd in 2010 and a conditional pick in 2011 (either a 3rd or 2nd depending on Jackson’s production):

I had 3 different sources telling me that this deal is a “no brainer” for both teams. Jackson would provide the type of running back Mike McCarthy wants, a power runner that can be an every down back and go the distance anytime he touches the ball.

Some in the Packers organization do not feel Grant will ever get his “magic” back from 2007 and they think this will be his last year in Green Bay. 

The Rams are a team in full rebuild mode. Jackson would be approaching his 30’s by the time the Rams would be a contender again and is wasting in St. Louis.  With a second rounder in 2010 and the conditional pick in 2011 they would be able to add valuable draft picks to rebuild. Grant would give them a running back who they could use on first and second down and may benefit from a change of scenery.

Cincinnati Left Tackle Anthony Collins for Aaron Kampman.

I don’t see this happening but from what I understand it was talked about and reported on as one of their 10 trades that should happen.

Collins would provide depth at the left tackle position, but Kampman is a Pro Bowl player, unlike Collins. Yes Kampman has not had the type of impact in Dom Capers 3-4 defense and he is a free agent at the end of the year, but he is to talented for this deal.

Carolina Defensive end Julius Peppers for Kampman:

Peppers wants out of Carolina, he wants a new deal and he wants to go to a team that runs a 3-4 to play outside linebacker. It was rumored in the off season that the Packers and Panthers were talking about a Peppers for Kampman deal, but nothing ever materialized.

This deal would make sense in a lot of ways for both teams, but like Kampman, Peppers is a free agent after the season and unlike Kampman, he wants “Haynesworth” type money.

Shawne Merriman for a for a 2nd round pick in 2010 and a conditional pick in 2011 or a player. The Packers would want a window to get a new deal done with Merriman if they agree on compensation:

Merriman is a free agent after the season and does not like Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith and from what I hear, the feeling is mutual. The Chargers drafted Larry English in the first round just  incase Merriman decides to “bolt” after the season.

With Merriman not showing the same burst so far this season (partly because of a strained groin) and with Merriman calling out Smith recently, trade talks have “heated up” regarding Merriman. He would provide the type of pass rusher the Packers need in their 3-4 defense.

The Packers have talked to the Rams about Chris Long. This deal makes sense, but I am not sure how serious either side is. In this deal the Packers would trade Aaron Kampman and a 2nd round pick for Long and the Rams 3rd round pick in 2010. Long has not “fit in” in the 4-3 like the Rams have hoped and is not the starter while the same could be said for Kampman in the Packers 3-4.

Keep this in mind, Chris Long was an outside linebacker at the University of Virginia and played his entire college career as a 3-4 linebacker.

The Packers have talked to Oakland about a variety of players. Michael Bush, Michael Huff and Darren McFadden namely.

The Raiders want a 1st, Brandon Jackson and another player for McFadden, which is to rich for the Packers (and I don’t think Oakland, I mean Al Davis wants to deal him).

As for Huff I was told a 3rd or 4th could land him and the same price could possibly land Bush.

Finally, the Packers talked to Browns about Joe Thomas. The price for Thomas is to high and he won’t be moved from what I was told.

Get ready for more and more rumors until the trade deadline passes on Tuesday. But please remember this, there are a lot of deals that are talked about and never done, like Marcus Allen to the Packers for Brian Noble in 1992. These are rumors, NOT facts, so please don’t kill the messenger.


Written by Joe Arrigo

October 14, 2009 at 21:37

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  1. Always likes your rumors, and appreciate the fact that they are indeed only rumors. I’d like to see some activity today before the trade deadline, but TT won’t flinch. My guess is nothing happens in GB around the starters…maybe some small deal gets done, but I’d be shocked in GB is involved in any kind of block buster.

    See ya

    Jon Blanchard

    October 20, 2009 at 06:41

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