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Looking Into The Crystal Ball: NFL Coaches

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It’s just about half way through the NFL season and there are already some coaches on the “hot seat”. Some are on the “hot seat” because of poor performance, others may not have been ready to be a head coach and some just are not working out anymore with their current employer.

Here is my list of coaches who could be fired at the end of the 2009 season and the coach who I think will replace them.

Out: Jim Zorn-Washington Redskins: “Dead man walking”. That’s is Zorn in D.C. as we speak. He has been stripped of calling plays and his coaching pride by owner Daniel Snyder. “Black Monday” can’t come soon enough for Zorn.

In: Mike Shanahan: He already was offered the job and declined out of respect for Zorn. He would come in and give instant credibility to a team that has a proud history, but make no mistake about it, this task is no small task.

Out: Eric Mangini- Cleveland Browns: The Browns are a mess from the top down (ownership to Mangini). Mangini hasn’t seemed to have learned from his mistakes in New York. I believe that once a GM is hired his days are numbered.

In:  Gregg Williams: I would have gone with an offensive minded coach, but Williams name is getting hot again. He turned around the Saints defense and seems to get the most out of his players.

Out: Tom Cable-Oakland Raiders: The “Cable guy’s” off field issues will seal his fate. Al Davis has no tolerance for employees who beat women. He (Cable) has disgraced the Raiders and Davis for the last time. The Raiders need a coach that will get them back to glory.

In: Jim Fassel: As much as I wanted to put a “big name” coach in here, I had to use my brain. No big name coach wants to run a team (or owner) that  will not allow him to hire his own coaches, call his own plays or draft his own players. Fassel has wanted to coach the Raiders the last few years and has ties to the team.

Out: Mike McCarthy-Packers: I hate to do this one, but I think heads will roll in Green Bay if they don’t make the playoffs. McCarthy is a good coach and play caller, but his teams have lacked discipline and have not fared well in big games. 

 In: Jon Gruden: Mike Holmgren’s name will be mentioned here because of his past, but Gruden is a more likely fit. He would have some nice offensive weapons to play with and would more than likely bring in Bill Callahan as his offensive line coach.

Out: Wade Phillips-Cowboys: Jerry Jones wants another Super Bowl and Phillips has not got the job done. He has had very talented teams and failed to make the playoffs.

In: Mike Holmgren: He would bring the type of respect the players need. He and Jones would have to agree on personnel power, but Jones has had no issue giving it up to coaches who are proven (remember Bill Parcells?). Holmgren would also work well with Tony Romo.

Out: John Fox- Panthers: The Panthers have not played up to par this past season. Fox made coaching changes but the one change he failed to make was with his starting quarterback. Fox is a good coach and may just need a change of scenery.

In: Bill Cowher: This is the job he has wanted for some time now. He would be able to come in and have a team with a very good running game, one of the better receivers in the NFL and a pretty talented defense.

Out: Jeff Fisher- Tennessee Titans: The NFL’s longest tenured coach and his owner seem to have a “disconnect”. Bud Adams wants Vince Young playing more while Fisher thinks the team is better off with Kerry Collins. It may be time for a change of scenery for one of the games best head coaches.

In: Leslie Frazier: He has done a really good job with the Vikings defense. His name is heating up and will be highly sought after should the Vikings go deep into the playoffs.

Out: Jack Del Rio- Jacksonville Jaguars- Like other coaches Del Rio’s hands are tied when it comes to certain situations. The Jag’s quarterback situation is not settled and the talent level is better than most, but not as good as others.

In: Jeff Fisher: Why not go to a team that plays your former boss twice a year and rebuild them into a contender? Jacksonville is also a team that is interested in moving to Los Angeles and Fisher is a USC Alum. He would provide new direction and proven leadership.

Out: Norv Turner- San Diego Chargers- Turner has had his most successful stent as a head coach with the Chargers, but that isn’t saying much. The Chargers have regressed under Turner and most of the players feel he is not the right person to lead them.

In: Mike McCarthy: If Green Bay decides to fire McCarthy he would get a look somewhere else. San Diego would be a highly sought after job because of the amount of talent on the team. McCarthy can lead an offense and doesn’t want to deal with personnel issues, he just wants to coach.

Out: Dick Juron-Buffalo Bills- Juron is a really good coach, he just seems to go to situations that are not good for his coaching career. The Bills offense is plain and predictable even with Marshawn Lynch and Terrell Ownes.

In: Jason Garrett- The hotest of hot names just three years ago is now a guy that needs to prove himself. If Holmgren goes to Dallas, than Garrett will not be there since Holmgren likes to call his own plays in his own offense. 


Written by Joe Arrigo

November 4, 2009 at 11:50

Posted in Green Bay Packers, NFL

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