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My 2010 NFL Mock Draft v1.0

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As the NFL playoffs are about to start, I wanted to throw a little love to those that didn’t make it. So here is my first mock draft of the 2010 draft year. I am starting with just the top 20 since the playoffs will decide the draft order of the remaining teams in round 1.

Also, coin flips will decide where some teams are slotted, but since that hasn’t happened yet, I just placed the teams that are involved in alphabetical order. 

Enjoy, and let the debates begin!

1. St. Louis- Ndamukong Suh-  DT- Nebraska

2. Detroit – Gerald McCoy- DT- Oklahoma

3. Tampa Bay – Eric Berry- S- Tennessee

4. Washington- Sam Bradford- QB- Oklahoma 

5. Kansas City-  Russell Okung- OT- Oklahoma State

6. Seattle- Jimmy Clausen- QB- Notre Dame 

7. Cleveland-  Joe Haden- CB- Florida

8. Oakland- Taylor Mays- S- USC

9. Buffalo-  Ryan Mallett- QB- Arkansas

10. Jacksonville- Dez Bryant- WR- Oklahoma St.

11. Denver – from Chicago- Rolando McClain- ILB- Alabama

12. Miami- Dan Williams- NT- Tennessee

13. San Francisco-  Trent Williams- OT- Oklahoma

14. Seattle – from Denver-  Derrick Morgan- DE- Georgia Tech

15. New York Giants-  Brian Price- DT- UCLA

16. Tennessee- Anthony Davis- OT- Rutgers

17. San Francisco – from Carolina- Everson Griffen- DE- USC

18. Pittsburgh- Earl Thomas- FS- Texas

19. Atlanta- Patrick Robinson- CB- Florida State

20. Houston- Golden Tate- WR- Notre Dame 


Written by Joe Arrigo

January 7, 2010 at 00:37

Posted in NCAA Football, NFL

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