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O.T.S. (2-22/28-2010)

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Here is the O.T.S. for the week of February 22nd through the 28th. In this weeks O.T.S. we will touch on more free agency rumors and of course the NFL Draft since the combine is going on this weekend. Remember, I am writing this BEFORE the combines goes into “full swing”, so next weeks O.T.S. will have more news from the combine.



A piece of unverified information of uncertain origin usually spread by word of mouth.
Unverified information received from another; hearsay.

I don’t recall if I had this in the past O.T.S. but I have heard (for a while now) that Ted Thompson would like to add a veteran corner back and/or offensive tackle via trade or free agency.
I touched on this in various Packers websites/forums this week. ESPN‘s Adam Schefter reported that the Oakland Raiders are willing to deal any player on their roster, including the NFL’s best corner back, Nnamdi Asomugha. The word started to come out at the Shrine practices, but intensified after the Senior Bowl.

I have heard that the Packers have talked to Oakland multiple times about Nnamdi Asomugha, Darren McFadden and Thomas Howard. There is no word on the price tag, but we can only assume that for Asomugha it is going to be steep. This may be Ted Thompson doing his due diligence, but the two teams also spoke last year when Oakland was willing to listen to offers.

Keep an eye on Texans soon-to-be free agent Daunte Robinson. The corner out of South Carolina has ties to Dom Capers and would be a very good fit in the Packers defensive scheme. 

For two years the name Julius Peppers has had Packers fans hoping that he could find his way to Green Bay. I hear those fans wanting him can keep wishing. The thought is Thompson will “check-in” on Peppers, but will not over spend for him. The Packers remain a dark horse for Peppers, but only at the right price.

When the Eagles released Brian Westbrook the Vikings became the most likely suitor since they will lose Chester Taylor this off-season. But I have heard that the Packers, Redskins, Vikings and Patriots have all had contact with his agent about possibly signing him (after his official release).

The Packers are continuing to work on an extension for Ryan Pickett, but since a deal is not close to  being done,m they will franchise him. He is cool with it since the two parties both want Pickett to stay in Green Bay. Part of the reasoning to franchise Pickett is because the NFL is planning suspend Johnny Jolly. I hear the suspension between 4-6 games. That would mean B.J. Raji will get a lot more snaps at defensive end. 

Speaking of Jolly, look for the Packers to tender him and ensure he remains with Green Bay for the forseeable future. They will have to do it before his trial takes place and even if (when) he is suspended in 2011.

A name that I hear is flying up the Packers draft board is Georgia Tech safety Morgan Burnett. He is an underrated player with big play ability and not afraid to make a big hit. 

Another name that is creating a buzz at 1265 is Antrel Rolle of the Arizona Cardinals. I heard that he is a player that some Packers officials think would solve the safety “issue” and also give the Packers the best safety combo in the NFC.

A restricted free agent that may not be retained or could be traded is Oakland’s Kalif Barnes. There is some speculation that he maybe a player that the Packers target to play right tackle.

 Ted Thompson still would like to keep Aaron Kampman from what I gathered. But the question is does Kampman want to stay in Green Bay. I hear he agent and the Packers are still talking, for what it’s worth.

One surprising name that has been linked to Green Bay is Oklahoma St. quarterback Zac Robinson. I have been hearing that the Packers are “smitten” with him and he could be a late round selection by the Packers.  He has a decent arm but his highly athletic and raw.

A player that has to have a good combine in order to lock down a first round selection is TCU outside linebacker and pass rush expert Jerry Hughes. He is a player that the packers are looking at late in round 1 or even early in round 2.

I have also heard that at the right price Ted Thompson would like to bring in Chargers running back Darren Sproles, who will be allowed to become a free agent.


Written by Joe Arrigo

February 24, 2010 at 14:24

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